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My Little Kiwi Mutts :-)

Sassy, a rescue dog of mine. She's a welsh springer spaniel X heading dog. Her energy is endless, and I struggle to keep up with her busy mind! But she is settling into our family wonderfully. And we're going into agility, as it keeps her clever mind busy and she LOVES her agility classes.

We've had a lot of work with Sassy (or I have... no one else wants responsibility haha!) She was kept in a kitchen all day, and then let out to toilet morning and night but was walked maybe twice in 6 months. So the poor darling has so much pent up energy it's not funny. She's a year old in August, and she's only just getting introduced to things she should have been introduced to as a young puppy. It's sad for her, and hard for us. :-(

crazy eyes,tammy,dog
And without further ado... my beautiful girl. She's 10 years my junior (so now 10 years old) but she thinks she's a puppy. She is THE best friend I've ever had in my life. She'll do anything, cross swing bridges, jump on the trampoline, rock climb with me carrying her on my harness with me, help me bottle-feed kittens & bunnies. She's the nicest natured dog in the world. In this photo she is showing her "crazy eyes" which means she wants to play :-D

We just had a cancer scare, with a lump near her mammaries. But turns out it was a fatty lump! Thank God :-D She still has a bad knee (three cruciate ligament operations later and her knee is finally the best it's going to be) and arthritis in her hips... But she doesn't care, she takes her boma-zeal daily, and previcox when she's really bad, and also pentosan to help the arthritis.

So those two are my two mutts.

I also have Anya a cross bred bunny who is evil and chases my poor dog and cat when she's bored. She hates other rabbits, but loves people. She's a free-range bunny, as just about kills herself trapped in a cage.

I have another cross bred bunny Jaime who has a malignant cancer removed, I brought her home last week from the SPCA as there is a high chance it will spread, and so they planned on having her euthanised.

I have a naughty torti who I bottle-fed from 2.5 weeks old, she was a hissy spitty angry little thing. She's still not overly friendly with most. But loves me to pieces, and sleeps on my clothes if I'm out. Loretta is my little mad cat, but I love her to pieces.

And my poor Meeko, a ferret who was kept in a cage too small for a rat for 2 years of his life. He's a crazy boy, but I love him to pieces. He is much happier now, and gets to run around once a day on a busy day, but more other days. His cage is also massive and filled with toys to keep him busy. He's on a much better diet now too. :-)


Jul. 23rd, 2010 11:46 pm (UTC)
They are both so cute :)

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