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Wake up, comm!

Hello! Thought I should wake this comm from its slumber with a pic of my new puppy. I think I've posted before of pictures of our lovely mutts (red heeler + boxer and my/parent's dog, a cockapoo + shih tzu), but we recently found a puppy abandoned in a park, sitting and waiting under a slide on a ragged cloth in the middle of the night...

No idea why someone would do such a terrible thing, she is super sweet and smart. Her name is Lily, here are some pics :)

Here she is!! She is about 4-5 months old. She got her first shots a couple of weeks ago. She knows sit, down, and shake. She is really comfortable sitting for some reason XD Most dogs I know are more comfortable laying down.

This is the red heeler + boxer I was talking about earlier (Bella) with her. These two get along great. They have matching energy levels and are always playing. They tire each other out (thank goodness). Bella is a great dog and I am sure she will be a great influence to Lily :)

Lovely, isn't she! My friend and I think she is a pitbull + german shepherd because she has spots on her underside that are common to pitbulls. She has the wrinkly head, eyes and ears like a pitbull, but her eyes are propped up a little higher and her colors are unique! I forgot to mention, but she shakes very easily when she is cold or nervous, is that specifically a chihuahua trait?

I love her!!!


Thank you for the comments everyone ^__^


Mar. 10th, 2011 01:54 am (UTC)
she is not 'a pitbull + german shepherd' - she is an angel:)
Some dogs, especially females, begin to shake easily - as for me, it's just a way to say smth to us

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