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Hey everyone, me again, with yet another dog from my school that needs a home. This is Isaac.


He's been in our program since March. Is currently being treated for heartworm. His original foster home could no longer keep him and is now back at the school's kennel. Isaac does NOT do well in a kennel environment and needs a home to at the very least be fostered at. Due to his issues in the kennel and his heartworm positive status he will be euthanized if he does not receive a home by the end of this week. If you have any further questions ask me or contact my school. Contact information should be on their adoption page.

Again we're in the Chicago area. Sorry for the cross-posting


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Sep. 21st, 2011 12:58 pm (UTC)
Poor thing, I wish there was something I could do for him. I'm a little shocked you would put him through the expense of heartworm treatment just to euthanize him if he can't find a home. Is he not doing the Immiticide injections?
Sep. 21st, 2011 03:31 pm (UTC)
We've had Isaac since March and he's had heartworm since March. Despite him being on treatment this entire time we still found a live heartworm in his blood the other day. He can't stay in our kennels because he's becoming cage aggressive. He was at a home with a student, but was returned last week since Isaac and her other dog got into a bad fight and he could no longer stay there.

Isaac can't stay in our school because he's not good in the kennels. They don't want to chance a dog bite happening during kennel duties (students have to stay before and after school to take care of the animals and clean the facility) Isaac will aggressively guard his kennel at times. Normally we return the dogs to the county shelter where they came from once they're time here ends and they haven't been adopted (we can't keep the animals for longer than 9 months).

In Isaac's case however no shelter will keep him due to his aggression issues and heartworm status. In other words, we wouldn't be putting him down because of his heartworm status, but because of his aggression issues. Private rescues have been contacted and other avenues have been tried on our faculty's end.

The good news is last night a man visited with our kennel manager and behavior supervisor. His meet with Isaac went really well and the next step is to see if Isaac will get along with his other dogs.
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