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Thanks everyone!

Well the other day I posted about my poor dog, he decided to throw up and feel a lot better. Hes running around and looking for attention like always. We are making sure to watch him in the yard and to keep our trash can closed so he doesn't eat anything bad.

Thanks for the comfort guys! I know you all would come through for me! And here he is!

Bibby, a face only a mother could love. (I'm kidding! He's the prettiest dog XD):

Our other dog Shadow! She's a sweet heart:

Breeds for both: Chow, German Shepherd, Pitt

They are brother and sister from the same litter<3 Even if they don't look alike haha

Help me fellow dog lovers...

My dog started to violently shake and can't walk! He's in pain but there are no signs of him being hurt. Then I tried to move him he bit me! What should I do? My other dog is comforting him. Hes a little better now but what could have caused this? I looked for answers and the the vet is the best thing but does anyone have any idea what it could be?

Gender: Male
Breed:(Mix) German shepherd (1/4), Chow(1/4), Pit bull(1/2)
Age: 7 yrs

I am really upset, this is the first time he's bitten me D:

Mutt Art

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Thank you. 

Mods, if this is unacceptable please let me know and I will delete it. But I hope you will allow it as I REALLY need the business right now. 

These are our kids. (Pardon the non-mutt please.)

Takoda is a dobermutt, Jasmine is a dobergirl, and Oskar is a Rott/Lab.

Dakota and Louka

more pictures of my two lovable ( and sometimes misbehaved) furry babies.

and for those who replied to my last post. I kinda had to laugh. Eevryone askes me if Dakota is some sort of collie mix. Thruth is she doesn't have an ounce of collie in her.. or if she does it's far far back along the line. She's 1/4 husky, 1/4 sheppard and 1/2 wolf. though if you were to ask Dakota she would say she is all wolf.. lol

took them to the vets office today just to see how much they weigh. Louka is 103lbs and Dakota is 25lbs


I adopted her back in November. she was a month old at the time. There is some debate as to what she is mixed with even though I know what it is. lol my family is all saying they see different things lol so I thought i'd post her pic here just to see if anyone could guess the two breeds she's mixed with..she's 5 months now.

Here she is with my son Justin. The white ball of fluff that she is laying down on is her big Samoyed brother Louka.

Dakota and Louka trying to get over the gate

My mutt Maximus

My dog Maximus recently turned four.  He was from a litter of 14 pups (whew!) which I rescued - I volunteered for an animal charity for several years before I emigrated to the UK.  His mom is a Labrador.  His father - a Chow Chow.  Hehehe.  This is the first time I'm sharing pics of him - hope you enjoy them!

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Some recent pics of my girl

I haven't posted any new pics of my mutt since last October so I thought I'd do a bit of a photo dump of pictures of her!

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funny blog

So my sister's roommate adopted a dog in February of last year, and now the two librarians (my sister and her roommate, Corene) have created a blog for said dog, who happily goes by Pekoe. or Princess Pekoe Brown AKA Faildog.

For your canine enjoyment, I present

My pups

I've been lurking here for a year or so, but I don't think I've ever posted. But today I got (what I think are) some really cute shots of my two pups, Rudy and Sandy. Rudy is an 11 year old cocker spaniel mix and Sandy is a 3 year old shepherd/retriever mix.

Rudy in a scholarly mood:

Sandy reminding me where the chew toys are stored:

Both of them in action!

Hi! My name is Dani and I'm kind of a newbie. I've been lurking for some time and finally decided to say hello and share my loveable mutt Bindi Lou. Bindi is a Plott Hound Lab mix and wakes up running. She is so full of energy and if she spies something in the yard that's not supposed to be there, the whole neighborhood knows about it! She can also smell a cheerio from a mile away.

I met Bindi at a local feed store on my way home one morning and couldn't leave without her. She was a freebie, and like the commercial says, "there's no such thing as a free puppy." Otherwise healthy, she did have a rather bad case of worms, but that was quickly resolved with a trip to the vet and a holistic diet.

Without further ado ...

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