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Холодильник в Тверии

Мопед не мой.

Продается холодильник.
В рабочем состоянии.
[Spoiler (click to open)][посмотреть]20130812_114331
[Spoiler (click to open)][посмотреть]20130812_114359
[Spoiler (click to open)][посмотреть]20130812_114416
Цена, хотят 300, но можно договориться.
Звонить на номер 05407239246 Аня.
Hey everyone, me again, with yet another dog from my school that needs a home. This is Isaac.


He's been in our program since March. Is currently being treated for heartworm. His original foster home could no longer keep him and is now back at the school's kennel. Isaac does NOT do well in a kennel environment and needs a home to at the very least be fostered at. Due to his issues in the kennel and his heartworm positive status he will be euthanized if he does not receive a home by the end of this week. If you have any further questions ask me or contact my school. Contact information should be on their adoption page.

Again we're in the Chicago area. Sorry for the cross-posting

Wake up, comm!

Hello! Thought I should wake this comm from its slumber with a pic of my new puppy. I think I've posted before of pictures of our lovely mutts (red heeler + boxer and my/parent's dog, a cockapoo + shih tzu), but we recently found a puppy abandoned in a park, sitting and waiting under a slide on a ragged cloth in the middle of the night...

No idea why someone would do such a terrible thing, she is super sweet and smart. Her name is Lily, here are some pics :)

Any idea on the breed? LolCollapse )

Lovely, isn't she! My friend and I think she is a pitbull + german shepherd because she has spots on her underside that are common to pitbulls. She has the wrinkly head, eyes and ears like a pitbull, but her eyes are propped up a little higher and her colors are unique! I forgot to mention, but she shakes very easily when she is cold or nervous, is that specifically a chihuahua trait?

I love her!!!


Thank you for the comments everyone ^__^

Maya @ the Beach!

Here are a few shots of Maya, and Pekoe at the beach. With cameos by our other sister's dog, Ginny. Gin's a purebred Cocker, whereas Pekoe and Maya are aussies x borders, Maya is my dog, she's the tri-colored tri-pawd. Pekoe is my sister's dog, and Ginny is our other sister's dog.

Don't laugh at me!

Okay so I set up a little agility course at home for my crazy girl Sassy. She's a beginner at agility, but doing well. :-) She keeps biting when I give her treats (something else we're working on.) And she won't sit on grass/mud!! Lol. So yeah, don't laugh at me... I know Sassy is beautiful and should distract you though!!

Video of Sassy practicingCollapse )

Maya, my 3 legged angel

So, I've been a foster mom since February. Growing up, I've always had dogs..always loved them, and found myself having strange bonds with them. People's so called 'vicious' or 'untrainable' dogs seemed to love me, and I loved them just as much.

Anyways, two days ago..I met Maya. She's my 7 or 8th foster dog, and she stole my heart in a minute. She was found in Mexico with five puppies (she's still a puppy herself at about 1.5 yrs old) and a severely injured front leg. She made her way to Vancouver via the Penny Foundation which is who I foster through. Long story short, she was adopted and returned due to her high-energy and high-prey drive. You see, Maya has killed a cat. Anything small and furry is food to her, and the family who adopted her didn't keep an eye on her, and she killed the neighbour's cat. The family decided they could look past that, but eventually returned her because of her high-energy. Just because she has three legs doesn't mean she's a slow poke! She LOVESLOVESLOVES to run. Running, swimming and rolling around in the grass are her absolute FAVORITE THINGS EVER!!. (and cats, and squirrels, and small dogs under 10 pounds, but those we're working on..)

Essentially, in the two days that I've had her, I've fallen so hard. She's now mine, and she'll the first dog I've personally owned since I was a child. I'm so proud, so excited, so happy, because other than her strong herding and prey instincts outside, she is a dream. Maya is going to be a therapy dog, working in a rehab centre and a children's hospital. I have big dreams for my three-legged angel!


Pekoe is my sister's dog, who is also believed to be an Aussie shep x border collie. It'll be nice to have the two brindle mutts in the family! :)

The mutts in my life :D

Hello, I've been here a while! I love hearing about everyone's experience with beloved mutts ^^ Moreso seeing their cute faces.

These are the two doggys that are in my life.

More under cutCollapse )

And this is Powder...

This is baby POWDER

Powder's birthday is June 1st. She’s a Gemini.

July 2003:

“Theresa brought me home a little white ball on June 1st, 2003. Some old guy up the road was sitting outside watching his bitch have pups. As they were born he would slam their little heads against a rock and kill them. Theresa raced in and grabbed this one right out of his hands and ran with her. She barely had hair and her eyes were still closed. We asked around. The consensus was that puppies open their eyes about day 9. Powder opened hers on June 9th. She came to us on the day of her birth. She was a very big puppy. She has grown into a huge puppy. Folks around here say she is probably a Treeing Walker Hound, whatever that is. They say she will be as big as a Great Dane. She is white with daily increasing spots of soft liver (No, I am NOT changing her name!)."

Powder has canine ADD(Gemini). She has an attention span of about a half a second. She will scratch ferociously on the back door to come in… and in the time it takes me to get up and get there she has wandered off to smell something and cannot/will not even hear me calling her. She is terminally aloof and is not the least bit affectionate ever… unless Daddy just came home and he is out in the yard to play with her. If we ignore her… she will do bratty things like grouch at the other dogs who are getting the attention. She NEEDS love but is not capable of asking for it. She fits right into this family emotionally. Powder is owned and operated by her nose. Her sense of smell(Mercury aka Gemini) is acute and over rides any other information her brain is trying to collect(Mercury aka Gemini).

Powder is so beautiful… that she does not need to be loving to be loved. She comes into the room and sits, like in the picture, and looks at you until you melt. Or, like all Geminis, she talks to you.


Then YOU get up and go love on her. It’s beneath her dignity to come to you.

Cheech taught her how to be a dog and personality-wise so she’s a lot like him, but that’s nurture not nature. When anything unusual happens she looks to him to learn how she should respond… still. She chases squirrels because he wants her to. If she’s outside alone she will totally ignore a squirrel but if he’s out there she takes off like a bullet!

I wish everyone could see them run together. It is the most beautiful doggy ballet. I wish we had more property so they could really run. I’d bet they’d run a mile before they even started breathing heavy…and when they run flat out… they smile… like “Sammies”.

summer dogs

Just a couple shots of my pups enjoying the summer here in NC.  Gretchen [my Shepherd/ Lab 19 month old puppy] is on the left and Natasha [my Shepherd/ Lab/ Chow 11 year old] is on the right.  They're both such goofballs.

... one more ... Collapse )